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Road Safety Cell and Rules

Speed Limit

Speed limits would be varying in various states and it can be accordingly to the vehicles as well. These Maximum Speed Limit of Motor Vehicles are set through the local government and people are required to follow all of them.



People are recommended to keep their pockets in rear pocket and never in their trouser or rear pockets.You should be aware of all the unexpected people and never open your door to some unsolicited people or maintenance people.


Road Safety

The renowned organization, RSC provides as the nodal organization for planning & managing initiatives of all Govt, Social & Business companies in our group for distributing attention about Street Protection. It is well known today that the internalization of road guidelines and road self-discipline by the motorists is a crucial precondition f


Road Safety Cell

Road accidents have been on the rise all over India. The national capital of Delhi is one of the areas that rank in the top, when it comes to the number of road accidents in the country. Most of these accidents happen by people who are behind the wheels. On further analysis on the reason for these accidents, it was found out that a majority of them happened due to the lack of awareness of people about the traffic rules and other road safety rules. The Traffic Police Department and the other higher departments  realised that there is a pressing need  to educate people about the existing traffic rules in the country so that they can not only safeguard their lives but also the lives of their near and dear ones.

The Road Safety Cell educates people about safety guidelines, traffic markings, road safety tips, importance of traffic lights, maximum speed limit for motorists, guidelines for foreigners visiting the country, traffic rules and regulations, road markings and others.  Authorities at the road safety cell conduct workshops, pre-paid booths, school initiatives, training parks and other initiatives. The guidelines are devised for the target group of pedestrians, cyclists, bus commuters, motor cyclists, car drivers, buses/truck drivers and school children.

Speed limit lessons are trained to motorists and other drivers. The road safety cell imparts education on the speed limits that are set for certain areas by their respective State Governments. They also teach the motorists and big vehicle drivers on the importance of following these speed limits. The speed limit varies as per vehicles on areas that are hilly, school-children focussed, expressways and normal roadways. The Traffic Police Department keeps a close watch on people who are not following these speed limits and levies a heavy fine on the defaulters.

Since Delhi is a place that is visited by foreigners frequently, the road safety cell also imparts basic training on the precautions that these international visitors should follow, in order to safeguard their lives and their belongings. Many illegal travel operators try to exploit these guests and steal their valuables. The Traffic Police Department has set up “May I help you” counters at various locations, in order to help these guests and come to their rescue at times of crisis. The guests are also educated that they should never panic and should immediately contact these counters to get instant help.

The other main area that is touched upon by the RSC (Road Safety Cell) is about the basic guidelines of road safety. There are three areas of this cell, namely Knowledge Branch, Research Branch and Car Owner Test Branch, which help in imparting education on these rules. Knowledge Branch is primarily responsible for spreading awareness about road safety. The Research Branch is the responsible for collecting data and other statistical information about accidents in the past. This branch always comes up with technological innovations in order to reduce the number of accidents every year. The Car Owner Test Branch is the one that is responsible for  testing the knowledge of first time drivers while issuing the Learner’s License  and for conducting the “Test of Generating Competence” in order to provide the Driving License for drivers.