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Traffic Rules and Regulations for Motor Cyclists

Speed Limit

Speed limits would be varying in various states and it can be accordingly to the vehicles as well. These Maximum Speed Limit of Motor Vehicles are set through the local government and people are required to follow all of them.



People are recommended to keep their pockets in rear pocket and never in their trouser or rear pockets.You should be aware of all the unexpected people and never open your door to some unsolicited people or maintenance people.


Road Safety

The renowned organization, RSC provides as the nodal organization for planning & managing initiatives of all Govt, Social & Business companies in our group for distributing attention about Street Protection. It is well known today that the internalization of road guidelines and road self-discipline by the motorists is a crucial precondition f


Motor Cyclists

Motor Cyclists

More than 20% people meeting with the accidents are motorbike riders


  • BIS approved head gear should be worn while driving the bike
  • Pillion riders must also be equipped with the similar quality helmet
  • The headgear must be worn tightly
  • Air pressure must be verified in the front as well as rear tires
  • Lights of the motorbike must be normal and should not malfunction
  • Indicators must be turned on while turning
  • After the turn the indicators must be deactivated
  • Brakes must be used in a proper manner
  • A middle lane journey is suggested
  • Vehicle should move at a certain distance from other bikes.


  • Rising in a zigzag fashion is prohibited
  • One must not overtake while driving on the left side of any vehicle plying on the road
  • Brakes should not be applied suddenly because they might malfunction
  • A bike is made to accommodate only 2 people and more than that.
  • Talking over cell phone is a crime while riding
  • Bus lane are used for heavy vehicles
  • Minors are not allowed to ride