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Traffic Guidelines for School Children

Speed Limit

Speed limits would be varying in various states and it can be accordingly to the vehicles as well. These Maximum Speed Limit of Motor Vehicles are set through the local government and people are required to follow all of them.



People are recommended to keep their pockets in rear pocket and never in their trouser or rear pockets.You should be aware of all the unexpected people and never open your door to some unsolicited people or maintenance people.


Road Safety

The renowned organization, RSC provides as the nodal organization for planning & managing initiatives of all Govt, Social & Business companies in our group for distributing attention about Street Protection. It is well known today that the internalization of road guidelines and road self-discipline by the motorists is a crucial precondition f


School Children

Details here are about the rules for children to help them cross the road. The children have to be given correct advice regarding this and it is better to not let them by themselves to walk in the road, till they are able to adhere to them. Since the smaller ones tend to look at their parents at home and teachers in school the elders have an imperative responsibility. They also need to decide when the children can be left to man the road on their own.

While Walking to School

  • On roads with a footpath, use the footpath to walk and in case, there is no footpath then the kids are advised to keep the right most side.
  • They must not hurry or exhibit any haste or urgency when walking.
  • While crossing the main signals, use the pedestrian cross or when the signal is on for crossing or at sub ways or the bridges running over roads.
  • When signals are showing up, then only when the green pedestrian signal is on they can cross.  If the signal is manned, then look at the indications of the policemen or the student to cross.
  • In case children have to walk through the traffic on the road, then the drivers in the vehicles behind cannot see you, so you need to give them ample time to see you are moving and give them try to either apply the brake or reduce their speed.
  • When there are central islands on roads, then apply the two steps crossing where you cross over from one side, reach the center and then wait for the other to clear up and then cross.
  • If there are one-way roads, then vehicles could be speeding by, so look for all the lanes on the road to be clear before crossing over.
  • Avoid crossing the road when there is a turn. The drivers will not have the view to you crossing the road.
  • Never hurry or run on the road. In case you fall, that could be dangerous.

While going by bus

  • Plan to exit home ahead of time, leaving you enough time to get into the bus without running.
  • Go by the queue at the stop and wait for the bust to stop and then get in one after. Avoid nudging fellow students.
  • Maintain decorum in the bus. Creating ruckus in the bus is indecent and can disturb the attention of the bus driver.
  • Getting in or off a bus at places other than your school or designated bus stop must be avoided.  Do not get off at signals when the bus has stopped.
  • In case you are standing in a bus, then ensure you have control by holding the rails.
  • Footboard travel in buses must be avoided.
  • Putting your hands or head out of the bus when it is in motion must be avoided.
  • Follow the rules for the safety in the bus travel.

Guidelines for parents of school children

  • The safety of the children while travelling is the accountability of parents.
  • They cannot compromise on the security of the means of transport that their children take to reach the school.
  • They must always check if the drivers are following the rules, and in case they are not, then they must swiftly let those in power know the same.
  • They must meet the teachers during the parent teacher meetings and check on the security measures of the school.
  • In case, they drop their wards at school, they must follow the traffic rules.
  • They have to play an active role in teaching their kids the correct traffic rules and teach them the impact of the signals, the places to cross roads, how they need to travel by bus or van to school and how to get down and get into these vehicles.
  • In case of children under 18, they should not support them in driving.
  • They have to ensure that the children become good citizens by following the right traffic rules and have to encourage them.
  • Since children learn from their parents, parents themselves must follow the right rules and never break any of them.

Remember safety of children must be the foremost priority of every parent.

Guidelines for teachers for ensuring safety of school children

When students come to school, the teachers and the others at school must take all the steps to teach the students to follow the traffic rules and take care of their safety and security.

  • Teaches must teach their students how to ensure safety on the roads for themselves.
  • They should give them special classes in the following, so they know what are the rules of the road
  • Teach them road safety rules and ensure they know the value and follow them.
  • Teach them the implications if these rules are not followed correctly
  • Teach them about the pollution on the road that is a result of the traffic.
  • Children can either take the bus or come with their parents or use bicycle to school.
  • They follow rules when they come in and go out of the school
  • Children coming by walk and those on vehicles have harmony between them.
  • The school buses and other vehicles are all parked securely in the right places.
  • There should be help available when children get into and get off the bus in case of any emergencies.
  • In addition to the bus driver, all buses must have a teacher to take care of the kids when they travel.
  • In case of any issues of the bus not coming on time, then the teacher must take the responsibility of organizing the students and arrange for the bus.
  • Regular safety checks should be done on the buses just to be sure that they comply to the mandatory safety needs.
  • In case of any violation by these school buses that ply the children to school, then the teachers, parents or anyone can register their complaint at the traffic police control room numbers 23010101, 23737300

Essentials for a School Bus as ordered by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India

  • The bus should have the name “School Bus” clearly marked on the front and rear of the bus.
  • In case, it is not a regular bus but on contract then it should have the board of “On school duty”.
  • There must be a first aid box in the bus.
  • There should be safety grills running parallel on the windows.
  • The bus must have a fire extinguisher.
  • There should be locks in proper condition on the doors in the bus. 
  • The bus should have provision to hold the bags of the students beneath the seats.
  • The bus should have a school attendant when picking up and dropping students.
  • Parents / guardians or teachers can check the safety of the bus by travelling in them.